Wednesday, 27 January 2010

WOYWW 27th January 2010

Morning All.  An early post for me for this feature - I was mega late in the day last week with this.  I have a few photos to share this morning - and big apologies in advance for the quality of these.  Despite being in a conservatory - full of light - they've come our relatively dark and murky as they've been taken on my phone (AGAIN)!!!  How can I lose my camera lead and still not have found it yet - I must have a camera lead ghost thief in the house....!

Here goes the first set of three photos - because I couldn't get a decent 'panoramic' type view in one go:

This pic shows a couple of (digi) stamped and coloured images i cut out with my nesties last night.  The hairspray is for fixing ink when printed out (happy accident/experiment) and the acrylic paints are for a project I need to start.

This shows work in progress i.e. the card stood up.  I posted the individual pages in an earlier post but I've still not completed it.
This view shows my cutter, some hair things which form part of said project and a pile of cards which I completed and posted last night.

This is the project I mentioned I will be doing... I'll be 'altering' this 'thing' with the actylic paints and hopefully some chipboard shapes I bought AGES ago from QVC.
These loveheart sweets are for another project I want to do for valentines gifts to my supportive friends and family - trouble is they read things like 'be mine' and 'page me'... what happened to the 'big boy' ones??? I bet some PC person had them banned!!!!  Not sure my friends would have appreciated them anyway, but i'm sure they'll 'get' the meaning of them (fingers crossed)!

Hop over to Stamping Ground for more WOYWW and have a nosey at what other crafting sisters have going on at the moment - such a great way to get to 'virtually know and visit' each other.

I have a hospital appointment with the consultant this afternoon (see earlier posts) - so I'm gonna try a bit of nosying around myself before then, then i'll catch up with the rest later.

Bye for now - hope you enjoyed your visit - please leave some 'lurve' and i'll come over and pay you a visit too.

Paula x x x


  1. Have stopped for a quick coffee so thought I'd drop in on you just to say....Good luck for later. Good vibes & a big hug are winging your way from Shropshire.
    Will read your blog in detail later.
    A x

  2. Hi Paula your cards are lovely and your desk is looking very productive , I am intrigued to see what you make with the love heart sweeties ...don't eat too many while crafting , I would !!!! He he
    Hope you get on ok at the hospital this afternoon will keep you in my thoughts
    Hugs Susie xx
    PS the pink thing on my desk is not a tool as such its a left handed ink pen

  3. Hi Paula,
    I love your stuff. What do you think of the Silhouette? I've been wondering about one of those. I don't fancy a Cricut, but wouldn't mind an electronic cutter of some sort!
    My little Japanesey plate stand thingy was from a cheapy market stall, it cost about 60p.
    Thanks for visiting!

  4. I love looking at other people's crafty spaces - yours is obviously a hive of activity - I spy some lovely things there. Hope the hospital appointment goes well x

  5. I am sending you lots of good thoughts for this afternoon hunny bunny - I hope it all goes well and you remember to treat yourself afterwards for all the anxiety you are going through ...
    I love looking at your work space ... it all looks so bright and cheerful ... great colours and I cannot wait to see your altered project ... so get crafting as soon as you can :0)

  6. WOW what a lovely crafty place you have. Mmm Lovehearts not had them in ages. My Pink Cuttlebug was bought last week on QVC thank goodness for easy pay.
    Hope all goes ok this pm at the hosp. Hazelxo

  7. hope all goes well this afternoon xx
    mmmm love hearts I love them, but found one the other day that says
    'mmm Julie
    Best Mum'

    whats that all about??

  8. This is the second desk to involve FOOD! Tisn't fair, it discriminates against us dieters. Lovely to see lots of happy activity going on here ....

  9. Nice tidy desk you have too Paula ;) Hope all goes well at the hospital - is it to do with your ENT probs? I have problems in that area too but they can't do anything for mine :(
    Hugs Anne xx (ps have edited mine now to show my 'silly hat' - read Linda's blog)

  10. Ohemgee, we got another tidy one!! For such a productive desk and with so many planned things on it, it's clean and tidy! Deeply impressive. Love the wooden trug thing....don't forget to show us!

  11. Hi you are a nice tidy crafter with lots of activity going on cant wait to see what you do with the bottle holder ( wooden box ), good luck at the hospital. Christine x

  12. Such a lovely busy area to craft in - am thinking of you this aft - hope all is going well.

  13. Bless your heart hun I hope it all goes well. Another blogging buddy of mine has just been told she has breast cancer - I'm devastated and it's not even me it's affecting so all the best for your appointment today and I love those cards that are on your desk from the previous post.
    Sam x

  14. Another tidy desks, will look out for your love hearts project. Hope you hossie visit goes well. Hugs Pam xx

  15. Fab creative space, I shall have to come back to see your altered thingy. Are you making it for storage??
    I haven't read your blog before, but am pleased to hear you had some good news at the hospital, hope something can be done to take the pain away xx

  16. Just dropped by for a nosey and see your BUG is very prominent - good girl - up the BUG I say! Read your post re hospital visit, so pleased to hear your news, but realise from a scary time myself what you must have been feeling. Hope you're feeling a bit better today. ikki x

  17. Hiya Paula - nice to meet you

    Your crafting space is brilliant as are your cards

    Off for a nosy around

    "speak" soon

    xx Hilda


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