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WOYWW - 20th January 2010 (just...)!


firstly I would like to apologise for the lateness of my post - I didn't get up until late today, bloghopped (well, tried to), had a couple of visitors, looked for the camera lead to post my before and after shots of my worskspace plus some projects i've been working on too - I still haven't found the camera lead which is really frustrating as the craft space project has been quite a transformation; not in the league of some workspaces we've seen today but for me it is - due to the fact that I now have a dedicated space and not feeling guilty for leaving stuff all over the place and taking over the kitchen table etc etc.

Anyway, I took a couple of pics yesterday on my phone so I could show my friend the results while we were waiting around in the hospital - we were there over 6 hours with one thing and another...

Anyway, without further ado, here is my new space, which still needs a few things - I really wish I could have shared the photos from my camera though - i'll keep searching... thing is, its a new camera I only had the day I started this blog (17 days or so ago) - my mind is not very focused though so i'll blame it on that (or just the fact that I lose everything)...

here goes:

this pic was taken before I put pretty wording and flowers on the white boxes

This is before I put the wording on the wall above the desk

Took this pic before I went to hospital yesterday.

this one is a bit dark - I've left it a bit late really - I only just took this one - you should see the shot before the transformation :o(

This is the card I was working on for my friend - the ingredients are: Basic black and pink cardstock from the Papermill shop, the pattern print is a free download from Crafters Kitchen's Jak Heath, the sentiments computer generated - I'd done quite a few the other day and had taken pics on the camera to upload as a project! The ribbon and slider are from a pack of ribbon bought recently from tesco. Gems are from a sheet I bought ages ago - I think they are papermania but wouldn't swear to that.

This is a better view of the card showing that it is an easel card (my very first). 

You'll just be able to spy a can of hair spray behind the card.  This was already downstairs but is something I rarely use - however, TOP TIP: I sprayed it on the printed image and it stopped it from smudging - great fixing spray which I will now not be buying at £7 odd quid a can!!!
It did take me a couple of attempts to 'get' the easel effect - I don't know why 'cos they're easy - but anything is once you know how, I suppose.

Here's a side view shot

Here is something I was working on the other night when I couldn't sleep.  I wanted to put a CD together of photos and videos (for the same friend as the above birthday card is for) of our times together last year - to cut a long story short, we met them on a campsite in Wales where they pitched their tourer for the season - we went purely by chance to the same campsite and became friends.  We went back 3 times last year and have now come good friends.  Anyhow, I wanted to make the CD more of a gift so I thought I would make the CD cover myself.

Firstly I prized open a cardboard sleeve to another feebie CD I already had and drew round it on a thickish cardboard then cut out and scored as necessary.  Perfect, I now had my CD sleeve.  However, what if i wanted a smaller version? Then I thought - hold on - I have a silhouette machine which will do the work for me - so I went on-line in search of a GSD file.  It was going to cost $1.99 to buy something that looked really simple (and I'd rather save my credits for a more complex design).  I then set about making one myself.  I tried but couldn't figure it out on the robocraft software, so had a brainwave and thought I'd draw it in word then save through 'paint' as a j.peg, which I could import into the robocraft software and get the outline to.  It worked - a bit of trial and error and cutting up my cheaper paper to perfect it, but I did it.

I cut it out earlier on silver Miri board, then put it through the cuttlebug using the d'vine swirls folder.  I then added three pink buttons from my stash (keeping with her requested silver, black and pink theme.  I went the whole hog then and covered the CD itself.  I did this in word too using the autoshapes and filling with the pattern used on the card and cut out by hand - I think I'll buy some adhesive CD labels - a lot less trouble and perfectly round.  I stuck mine on with a thin layer of PVA glue (not before I knocked the bottle over and got glue everywhere)!!!

Anyway, here's the finished CD sleeve which is better than the plain white ones I had in a box already:

I then did a smaller version on the silhouette (just by resizing).  I've popped a little fridge magnet in for my friend as a thankyou for her support over the last week or so and for staying with me for over 6 hours at the hospital yesterday.  The wording on the fridge magnet is:
"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget".

Here it is with a little nestie tag I made the other day and a bow also cut using silhouette:

I hope you like my project and workspace - I'm really sorry that I couldn't get you the better shots but promise I will next week - I WILL find that bloody camera lead (story of my life)!...

Bye for now

Paula xxxx


  1. Ah lovely projects Paula, I bet having a craft space has helped this week, huh. It looks fab!! I love the letters on the wall, may have to copy.....will watch with interest as your collection grows and your workspace sound a bit bouncier, am so glad you got yesterday over with. Keep on, gal!

  2. gorgeous gorgeous easel card...
    and your playground is lovely, happy playing x

  3. Hi Paula. I really love all your projects. So glad all the texts have come up with nothing so far and lets hope the rest are as positive. Will be keeping everything crossed here for you.
    A x

  4. Wonderful new playground Paula, I was like you until last October when I turned part of a spare bedroom into a crafty oasis, it has made such a huuuge difference in my crafting ability, it truly has. You'll love it! There's method in my tidy madness you know.... tidy stuff takes up less room on shelves and desks than messy stuff, therefore, if I have more space I can buy more stash! Here's hoping for sunny days and happy faces!

    Brenda x

  5. Meant to say you do the linky thing like this...

    < a href="" > text to link to < /a >

    Hope this prints out OK, you need to remove all the spaces though, if I'd put them in all you would seen in this post was a hyperlink! If you still need help, have a look at my first post this week on Julia's blog, I messed up the code so it printed the whole thing in my comment.


  6. Hi Paula what a fabulous craft room, everything at your fingertips. Love all of your projects too, the pink and black card is very chic. You might be interested in this blog I found it just last week when I bought a silhouette, they give freebies too xx

  7. wow love your craft space all those lovely boxes in those nice big spaces and the jars along the top, very "interior homes"!
    Great card too especially the little slider. thanks for visiting my desk. The bird is actually a sticker from SU you can see where he came from on the sheet on the right hand side. That is going to be the cover to a little scrap book that I need to finish.

  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments and for sharing your lovely workspaces - I LOVE LOVE LOVE that feature!!!

    Paula xx


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