Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Some stuff to share

Hi everyone and anyone who's looking or passing through...

I said earlier that I'd probably play with my new stamps - well I didn't - I thought I'd may as well finish off what I started the other day.  I used some new (bargain) watercolours I bought before Christmas - they're cute little tubes of scrummyness and I had a really good go at mixing them (like they do on the telly)...  I have a koi water brush which I find really useful but need to practice waterering down my watercolouring a little more.

Here's a pic I just took of the yummy colours:

I took some pics of my images I've been painting today ready to make into cards - remember - I'm a CD and decoupage gal so have excelled myself somewhat -but am recouperating from my chest infection.  I do find watercolouring theraputic though.


Next I thought I'd share with you some 'treasure' I cut out before and during Christmas with my Quickcutz Silhouette - I keep all the cut-outs in a box and look at them every-so-often - I might even use them soon!!!

Look - there are all sorts of shapes here - frames, scalloped squares, ovals, some flourishes, some chrysanthemum looking circles (in black) - these are spesh adornments!!

Here's a couple of pics of one of a number of pochets I made for christmas presents with matching tags on my silhouette- I wish I'd taken pics of all of them because I made them all different (but I didn't have a camera)- they were made for putting jewellery in.  Sorry for the date stamp in the corner - I took it off after this pic!

An 'arty' shot of the adornment which was also cut out on the silhouette.
Here's a pic of me playing around with a backing paper to go with one of the mouse images:

I need to improve my watercolouring - I don't think i've applied enough water on the colours - I suppose the beauty of watercolouring though is that I can go back any rectify this with my koi waterbrush.  I like the colour of the spotty paper and think it will go well as some kind of matting with the image.  The paper is a print-off from the V.Funky CD from Funk Hand.  I've pre-ordered their latest CD which is released on 16th January) and have most of their CD's already - they also have a very talended design team too.

And finally tonight, a pic of my woolley baby - Dylan the Bedlington Terrier.  He was supposed to be trimmed this morning but the groomer had to cancel due to the weather.  I don't think he'll mind too much though as i'm sure his curls need to keep him warm a bit longer!  He was about to finish off his beloved scooby-doo teddy - which has hardly any stuffing left - nor does he have any eyes, ears or face for left that matter (poor scooby)!!!

Well, I hope you like what I've been up to this evening - and welcome any comments or feedback.

Night xx

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