Monday, 11 January 2010

Should I, or not????

Right, let me get one thing straight... amongst my friends and family, I was happy creating greetings cards using CD's with backing papers and decoupage.  I had the use of my silhouette cutter (well, I still do), and I thought I produced some pretty OK cards; well, I work full time (some weeks 50 hours +) in the Public Sector as a Governance Officer - which involves a lot of work with a Board of 15 Directors of the Company (recruitment & selection, training and development, Board meetings, - oh and a lot of tongue biting and patience).  This is a pretty stressful job...  Anyway, I come home to two boys, my OH (when he's not on afternoon shift), 3 cats, a dog and all the usual household chores (I do NOT bake though) - I must add here that the OH is amazing - he'd make someone a great wifey...!

Here's the thing... using CD's has been really good for me - it's quick, it's easy, I'm PC literate and can manipulate stuff using graphics packages, it's convenient and it fits in rather well with my lifestyle... I also quite like cutting things out as I find it theraputic...

ANYHOW's - since I've been blogging - ooh, for all of a week now - I feel rather embarassed at my efforts - yes, I stick things on paper which takes time, patience and decisiveness (ooh - shall I put it here, here or - you know the kind of decisions that need to be made huh?

You guys out there are mega talented - you use your own real fingers and get them mega dirty - you blob bits of this and that onto a piece of cardstock and hey presto - some pretty amazing stuff is born.

Now I have to admit that I have been putting together greetings cards for a short while now (see earlier blog posts), I have even made a few book-a-trix in my time (without the aide of the PC), I've also made boxes, word books etc by hand and - they have been well received.  I might get them on here for you to look at when I can find the blinking lead for my mobile to PC (remember I lost my camera in Mallorca - again, see earlier posts), and had to resort to taking pics of my creations on my Nokia Music Express (not known for its picture taking qualities - but rather a good tune to be had though...)... Anyway, I did make a couple of cards after Christsmas and pre-Sunday 3rd January (the birthday of this blog) and I'd resorted to using my CD's.

I think that I WILL bite the bullet and show you what I have done and what I will be sending out in the next few days - I just hope all you stampers, altered artists etc will forgive me - but i'm on to being more creative - you've all inspired me - I promise...

So here goes - My friends grandson has his 3rd Birthday coming up, and while I don't know who his favourite character on TV is, I thought that the card I made would be pretty inoffensive for the little chap - (don't all boys like rockets and space??), so I made this for him using my Boys and Girls CD from Crafters Companion by printing out the decoupage sheet, an insert to match (personalised) and matting on mirri board - which, I hasten to add I did emboss using the swiss dots cuttlebug folder (yey)!  Hope you like it... but more important - I hope he likes...

Now here's the thing - shall I dare enter it into any challenges?  Well there are some out there where the challenge is based on the theme 'new'... my new cuttlebug, new cuttlebug swiss dots embossing folder, new camera which took the picture...

Here's another card I did using the Glitter and Glitz CD from Debbie Moore Designs - I used one of the ladies from the Art Deco era, and made a short-fold card (I have no idea what the correct term for the type of fold is :P) but I made this for a friends daughter - to send to her Nan... There is a fair bit of black and white glitter on it but I'm struggling with this new camera - and seeing as I've been in bed for the last three days quite poorly - I haven't really been playing with it that much to figure it out...

I have a pic of the front and inside - i've used backing papers from the CD - printed on 120gsm white paper (actually - it's Tesco's Finest and way way cheaper than 120gsm from craft shops) - then put clear gems and peel off corners on.  A bit of mirri board for matting and that's job done (it still required time, patience and a keen eye to stick it on straight mind....):

what do you think???

Just watch this space when my stamps and promarkers get here...!!!

Hope you enjoyed my post - please leave a comment and i'll come by and pay you a visit!! Bye for now.

Paula xxx


  1. Um.... WOW! Your cards are gorgeous! There's just something about texture to a project that I love. (that and I like to fondle scrapbook supplies. blush)

    I love the embossing! (I dry emboss with the brass stencils myself, so I'm drawn to it.)

    Keep the cards coming! Love your blog. :)

  2. I think you're doing that sensory overload panic thing that I did when I discovered the size ofthis carft animal online...everyone does beautiful stuff, it's totally in the eye of the beholder. I don't use a computer becasue I'm not literate enough, to my shame. I use stamps coz I can't draw, and as you know from my blog, I spend a lot of time talking about WHY I can't/haven't made anything! My sissy considers computer/CD generated cards and scrapbooking a 'work-smart' alternative for her as she's just too busy to do the getting oout, sorting, gluing,colouring, putting away, blah blah.You will find yourniche, but be warned.....thisis the top of a slippery financial slope!!!!
    Hopeyou're feeling a little better.

  3. Lordy, please forgive my tired eye typing! I mean 'craft animal', I can spell 'because', and I do know what the space bar is for...perhaps I'm just so delicate...!

  4. Oh I love this lady card and a little chap will be thrilled with that rocket... I know mine would (he's 5).... And let me tell you something: many times I decide not to pay the Internet for a month just so I don't see any body's work because I feel frustrated and underestimate myself... Dear lady just keep on going where you are heading and don't look around... you are doing GREAT!!! See you around!

  5. I think your work is great you must remember that we are out worst critics. Also what s great to know is that your ability will improve with each and every card you make. Is the best hobby in the world espesh for people with stressful lives. Glad I found another Gale on the web. Hugs Monica xx


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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