Thursday, 7 January 2010

poor me...

Well, I'm a poorly blogger today.  I went back to work this morning - no moving the beemer tho - had to use my husbands ANIMAL (no, i didn't say my husband's an animal)!!!
I kept on waking myself up last night as I had started wheezing :O(  I think I have another chest infection - the 3rd since end of October.  It feels like someone is sat on my chest and thumped me in the back!!!  The doc, a few weeks ago, wanted me to have a chest x-ray but at the time I felt too exhausted to take myself off and wait about, then of course when I was feeling better - I thought that I didn't need to go.  I'll have to get a new form now I suppose.
Anyway, the kids are not at school tomorrow - the school has closed in anticipation of more snow - oh well, at least someone will be in to sign for my parcels (I have some craft stuff coming (don't tell hubby)!!!
My eldest son (I have two), said he wishes he had a sled (they used to have one of those green plastic ones but it got cracked it a couple of years ago - not that they ever got any mileage out of it!) because our road would make an excellent toboggan run - with enough practice he could enter the winter olympics in Vancouver - its really that bad...(or brill if you're a kid)!  Isn't it funny that they'll go out and have snowball fights and go sledding )if they had one), but ask them to take the rubbish out and "It's too cold - can't you do it?"... Sound familiar?
Anyway, I shall not be posing anything crafty today because i'm not feeling well enough - however I have started to follow a blog called Stamping Ground, which is, I think, hilariously funny and hosted by a woman after my own heart - click here to check it out.
Julia,the blog host, has a thing called WOYWW - whats on your workdesk Wednesday - where you post a pic of your table/workdesk/craftstation - I can definately join that challenge - its just a matter of which table to choose for me... the coffee table in the lounge, the kitchen dining table, my pc workstation in the conservatory or the camping table I've asked my hubby to bring in out of the garage?!?!?!?  Watch this space!!!  look for WOYWW the link in my right hand bar!

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