Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Hospital Update and thanks for your support and kind wishes

Thanks to all those who popped by to view my desk on the WOYWW feature this morning.  Also a big thanks to those who wished me luck at the hospital.

I saw the consultant who said that the tumour is fibrous as opposed to cancerous and is growing on the outer lining of my lung and attached to my ribs but haven't erroded the bones which makes them think its not malignant.  However, the pain and discomfort I am suffering seems to be because its growing on a nerve.

Next stop is an appointment with the surgeon who will arrange about 3 biopsies and discuss the possibility of surgical removal.  I still have to go to the lung function clinic for breathing tests.  Hopefully I've got plenty of crafting years in me yet and will now be able to make plans for my 40th Birthday celebration March 2011.  When I first heard that there was something on the lung, before I had my CT scan - my life flashed before me and I seriously didn't think i'd be here to celebrate - I share my Birthday with my son who will be 18 on my 40th - anyway, it has been one heck of a scary place over the past couple of weeks.

If you have read my previous blog posts, thank you so much for baring with me; I'm not a whinger or a hyperchondriac but I have been seriously scared and crafting and blogging has been a huge therapy - thank you all once again for your kind thoughts and wishes.  I'm hoping to get a decent nights sleep tonight (despite the discomfort) - I think my tidyness has to be put down to trying to use up my nervous energy.

Bye for now - my next post will be of nice projects and no mention of hospitals (hopefully).

I'm off to cuddle up to my supportive and somewhat relieved husband.

Paula x x x


  1. Hi Paula thanks for stopping by earlier really nice comment, Im glad it went well today, always think positive it helps I find, and if you do want a good old moan pop over I love to chat, sleep well tonite.
    Christine x

  2. Great news Paula, and I fully understand how scared you must have been so no need to explain. x

  3. Excellent news Paula, I just hope that they can ease your discomfort, but the weight that must have been lifted from your shoulders, to know that it is not malignant, must be immense. I hope you have a good night's sleep tonight!
    If you would like to email me by clicking on the envelope on my blog sidebar, maybe I could pick your brains even further re electronic cutters. The info you have given me already has been most useful, but I think you must be a tad more techie than me as there are a few things I don't understand!
    Many thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog. They are truly appreciated!
    Night night!

  4. Ha! Relief! I hope that things move forward apace, they can sort or control you r horrid pain and you can start to look forward again. It's understandably scary and you must feel like your life's been on hold. We've been treading water this week over my sweet MiL; it's the waiting to hard. Great news Paula, really share your relief.

  5. Hi Paula, I hope you got a good nights sleep. I bet your shoulders are feeling lighter today! That's great news, I hope that you can get it sorted quickly and then feel more like yourself. Thanks for your comment on my blog, not a problem with the server, I think it was me! I have uploaded the photos again, thanks for letting me know. Take Care. Tracey x

  6. Oh Paula, when I read yesterday I hadn't got as far as finding out what the problem actually was. So glad the prognosis is so much better than you thought.
    Hugs Anne xx

  7. Hi Paula - was reading your blog yesterday re hospital etc but at lunch time and of course government network will not let me post on blogs!!!! I had a similar scare before Christmas which is why I am behind with the MBA - as my tutor put it blankly "an MBA of the afterlife is not much use so he could see why I had put it on hold"!!! I too am now on a round of biopsies etc to find out what it actually is. Anyway, glad you can look ahead and have lots of crafting to look forward too.
    hugs Linby x

  8. That sounds like really good news Paula, so glad for you. Hugs Pam

  9. Hi Paula, thanks for coming to my blog! Yes it is a bind it all in my mess (I've been tidying today you'll be pleased to hear) and yes, you really do need one. I didn't think I'd use it much but it is fantastic and I've made lots of gifts with it. Just make sure if you do get one, to get the newer version which is pink. It cuts the holes through thicker card than the blue one, so the blue one will be cheaper, but don't go for that. Hope that helps xxx

  10. Hi Paula, glad you got some relatively good news at the hospital.... hope they can take care of your pain soon.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and visiting my OWOH event! It was a pleasure to meet you!


  11. Hello Paula - I've just discovered your blog & it's filled with so many beautiful projects I've become a follower!! I do hope you get good results from the hospital, best wishes & take care.
    Ann xx


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