Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hospital and WOYWW Update

Hi All - Thanks for the comments on my workspace - I have a confession - the kitchen table isn't an official workspace (how naughty am I?) - it accidentally happened like that over the last couple of weeks - and, as I've hardly made anything to shout about really, there is no excuse for it getting OR remaining like that apart from I've not been up to cleaning it up - and no one else has offered.  Therefore, in the meantime, I've inadvertantly forced my poor poor family in to eating their meals in front of the 'big telly' - I'm a bad, bad wife and mother - yeh right!  AS IF they're bothered!!!  I have discussed this very serious issue with the OH this afternoon (he's open to anything following my hospital visit) and we are to set about officially turning the conservatory into a study/office/craft room as - I pointed out, a HOME is for living in, not looking at.  There.  IKEA - here we come...

Hospital update - well, I have to have further tests.  I have seen the 'shadow' on my lung and now have to have a CT scan and bronchoscopy next Tuesday, then a possible lungectomy (I need to research for spelling purposes only) and go to the breathing clinic and back to the lung clinic in a fortnight.  I've had loads of blood tests while there and suppose more tests may be needed in the meantime.  A week on Monday (following the scan etc next Tuesday, a team of consultants will hold their weekly meeting (known as a multi disciplinary team DMT) - where they will discuss my case and the results of the scan and bronchoscopy.  I've been appointed a lung nurse contact should I want to talk or ask questions etc??  Anyway, the consultant checked my breasts, armpits, hands, eyes, neck, ankles, bloodpressure, SATS, weight (tried not to look at this), he also wanted to know my drinking habits (I told him my average weekly alcohol consumption was difficult to report as I don't drink on a week to week basis), don't get me wrong, I'm not tee-total or anything - I just don't fancy it - i'm a celebration and special occassion drinker these days... like NYE, Weddings, BBQ's etc - so I told him I was a binge drinker - which he actually wrote down in my notes (how rude!!!), plus my smoking habits.  I was very smug to be able to report that I have NEVER smoked in my life :O)

I asked him to ignore the stubbly growth on my legs when he checked my ankles as it is "that time of year when we don't bother" and made sure that I had no stubble under my armpits when I stripped off for him to check them - thank god i'd done them this morning!!!

Therefore, at this moment in time I have no idea what the shadow is - all I do know is that its on the lining of my lung.  I've been signed off for 2 weeks while investigations take place and because I'm not feeling my best (understatement) and they don't want me being exposed to all the illnesses in the office (I pick them up easily) because colleagues go in with coughs and splutters and all sorts - its worse than the doctors surgery sometimes and added to that - its open plan.  Anyway, the plus side is that I can fit quite a few cards in while i'm off - subject to energy levels!!!

My nestability labels one arrived earlier so I would play if I weren't too cold to move!!

By for now.

Paula xxx


  1. Sending you a HUGE hug,you've had a rough day or too.

    I love your blog. I love all your stamping. You are far more patient than me painting them . How do you stop your paper wrinkling or am I just too heavy handed with the water?


  2. Well, am glad they're being thorough Paula. Mr Dunnit's business partner had a nasty nasty cold last October and couldn't shake off feeling dreadful and he had lots of investigations and over christmas discovered he's soldiered on through pneumonia, hnece thebig patch on his lung! Poor boy. Horse size antibiotics and a week off and he looks like a new man! I hope that whatever is maing you feel horrid can be so easily sorted. Keep warm and do as little as possible!!

  3. Hi Helen - I used proper watercolour paper for the stamping and watercolour painting - it was from Tesco and very reasonably priced (which means I can't remember and don't know how it compares) - but non-the-less - a price I was happy to pay!! I suppose its made for the job - that is, not to crinkle.

    Thanks to both of you (Helen and Julia for the kind words and thoughts) - going through turmoil at mo, but I'm taking my mind off it through blogging!

    Paula xx

  4. Paula, I hope it turns out to be nothing too serious.... Anyway it is good to be thorough about health (look at me talking... I'm not the one doing it and I should)....


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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