Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Day Ahead...

It's quite late (well early Tuesday monring actually) and I find myself bloghopping - I've been crafting and medling today - tweeking my new craft space and trying to be uber tidy!

I've been making a card for my friend in Wales which I hope she'll like - she told me what colours she wanted - which is very typical of her and what I find really funny - pink, black and silver was the 'commission'!!!  I've been playing with my nesties again - Labels one - i'll post a photo of the card soon - i'm sure she won't see it on here as she's a technophobe!!

I've been playing with my silhouette today and also the CD which I received on Saturday morning from Funky Hand (I had it on pre-order and received it while it was being previewed on Create & Craft).  There are some great background papers on this latest CD which also includes some digi stamps e.g. owls, birds, tea cups, branches, more word books - all of which are very 'on trend'...

I've printed some dotty paper out and cut 'Paula's Paper Playground' on the silhouette then sprayed with stick and stay and 'posted' the wording on my wall right above my new craft table.  Once I have reloacted the camera lead - I will post photos on here - I need it by Wednesday so that I can take part in this weeks WOYWW - I can't wait to show everybody the transformation made since last week - I'm well chuffed with the results.  I've got loads more ideas though so the transformation is not quite complete.

Anyway - the reason I am still awake is because later (technically later as it is now Tuesday), I have my CT scan and bronchoscopy.  I must say that I have been really anxious today (Monday - which is technically now yesterday?!?!?) - I was ok the last couple of days but I suppose transforming the conservatory had taken my mind of it.  Before that, I have been beside myself, fearing the worst.  Oh well, I can't change what it is - I just need to get on and deal with whatever the results are.

I'm just going to make a quick 'Thinking about you' card before I go to bed for a friend.

Bye for now

Paula x x x


  1. What a really busy day you had yesterday. All the very best with your tests today. I will be sending lots of positive vibes your way. :-)
    A x

  2. Yeah me too; you can rationalise it all you like, but ditraction is the only thing that works...it would be OK if we didn't have to WAIT! Will be thinking of you.

  3. Thanks both for your comments - test completed... No results for the CT scan but the bronchoscopy was clear and they decided not to take any biopsies. The abnormality on my lung still needs further investigation and i'll have to have further tests. Now on more antibiotics! I've had radioactive something or other in me to day and was sedated too so pretty groggy when I came home from hospital. Not long since woken up. Appreciate your kind thoughts - I genuinely do.

    Paula. xx

  4. I hope everything when well on Tuesday? I'm looking forward to todays post with pictures of your new workspace!

  5. Thanks for popping over to my blog - you card makers are such a friendly bunch! Best wishes with all your tests.

  6. Hi Paula, hope you are feeling a bitless groggy its good that some the test result you have had were clear fingers crossed for the rest. Looking forward to seeing your new workspace. Thanks for you lovely comments on my card the sentiment was computer generated (if added a better photo now that we have some daylight which shows the fab paper much better. Hugs Pam xx

  7. Hi Paula - great news about the bronchoscopy ... lets hope the CT scan is all clear too X Am soooooo looking forward to seeing your space ... burstin with excitement ... I know I am sad ... I don't get out much ... actually I would much rather stay in and chat with me blog pals :0)

  8. Hi Paula
    Please add good wishes from me too, great news on the bronchoscopy, hope the other tests are just as positive too. As Julia said, keep busy and have fun crafting. Looking forward to seeing your new space too.
    Hugs, Brenda

  9. Thanks to everyone for their comments - it's Thursday and I have another chest infection - aparently been brough on by the bronchoscopy - the consultant did warn me it could happen - oh well, following all you lovely people is keeping me sane at the moment. Thank you all once again. :O/


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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