Monday, 4 January 2010

Blogging Confused

Well, this is my second blog post and quite frankly i'm in awe of people who are regular bloggers who manage to juggle blogging with crafting, responding to crafty challenges, keeping up with the housework (or do us crafters really do this?), sorting out the kids - and manage to work full time AND bloghop (phew)... Which brings me onto the point of this post... I've only recently discovered that regular people have craft blogs - and my gosh - there are some incredibly talented people out there - and isn't blogland a labrynth??? I look at one, and before I know it, I've visited loads by following this link and that then soon forget where I started.

The only other blog I had ever previously regularly read was the one that Glenda Waterworth from Elusive Images and Artilicious fame hosts - love following her shopping, crafting and cat antics as well as her sharing her family issues. She's a real blog inspiration.

Anyhow, I started looking on the net for inspiration as I wanted a cuttlebug for Christmas (my kind husband never ordered it it the end despite me researching and book makarking a page, so I ended up ordering one for myself on Christmas day), and wanted to see samples of what other crafters had done using theirs.

When I started crafting (firstly in November 2007), I had no idea how big the crafting industry and the following was - why would I? I'd never really needed to know this before, but I'd made some order of service cards for my Brothers wedding and particularly enjoyed it and thought I'd done a pretty good job without any help or inspiration - I'd never even watched create and craft on TV before - the only place I'd been was to the local Papermill Shop for the requisite stuff for the job in hand. Anyway, I digress - I ended up being signed off work with anxiety due to having just learned (at the time) that my Dad had lung cancer and cancer of the super epiglotis. Anyway, in between taking him for chemo sessions, seeing his oncologist or crying my eyes out - I flicked on to create and craft. In small doses it took me out of my reverie.

To cut a long story a litle shorter - I started to buy more and more stuff - it felt good - and I NEEDED it! That led to me purchasing a Quickutz Silhouette when it was the TSV on QVC blah, blah, blah... Anyway following his illness, my Dad sadly passed away and along with it, my interest in crafting - I owe him, in some way, to my initial interest. It took me 6 months to pick it up again as it reminded me of him, which was February 2009 and i've slowly picked it up again - oh, and added to my stash (big style).

Anyway, back to the cuttlebug. I wanted to know what they were capable of doing and only really wanted one for embossing and needed to see if anyone gave any hints or tips or advice.

Through do crafts, one of my 'buddies' had a link to Ikki's Cuttlebug cupboard, and from there, over the Christmas period, the penny started to drop (a little bit) on all this blogging lark and I thought i'd try it (it's quite addictive). As you might be able to gather from this post - I'm never short of anything to say, so, if you've visited and read this, I hope you'll return.

Crafting is therapy!!!


  1. Hi Paula, thought I'd drop by and say "Hello" and "Welcome to blogland". You've made a great start and I look forward to seeing some of your Cuttlebugging! You've made a great choice with the Bug, it's a great little machine. Feel free to visit the Cupboard and look on the back shelves, so to speak, you'll find lots of useful hints and techniques under the labels section. Eileen x

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