Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Baby, It's cold outside...

Well this is my third post (I'll probably stop telling you the number after a few more)! and I've been blogging and crafting on and off all day - nothing unusual for a lot of crafters, I grant you, but; I work full time and I'm not off work ill, don't craft for a living and I didn't put annual leave in!!! So how can I have been crafting and blogging you are probably wondering (or not)?

Well, when I said I wasn't ill, I'm not REALLY ill - I've had a mishap - or rather I did on New Year's Eve... I was on my way out to the local with my friends who had come to stay (from Cardiff), and I called into my friends house to wish the family a happy new year while I was passing... When I was coming out, I, er... well, I fell out of the door and thought nothing more of it (I think it's because I was somewhat anaethetised) until the next day when my foot was killing and rather black and swollen. So I kept it raised on my footstool for a few days. This is how I came to do a substantial amount of blogging...

I went to work Monday but my foot felt a lot colder than the other and it was tingling. To cut a long story short, I called NHS Direct, they told me to have it checked out (in light of the coldness and pins and needles) so I went to my GP. "elevate it" was the instruction... anyway, after having it manipulated in several ways - it ached all night so i shoved 2 pillows down the bed to put my foot on. Also, my Husband has the sniffles so in the middle of the night after breathing like someone making a dirty phonecall, decided to go and sleep downstairs.

I slept on and off throughout the night - but when it was time to get up, I dropped off to sleep twice. It's a good job I do flexi time. Anyway, when I woke up, I put local radio on (I listen to radio Sheffield) to hear that there was chaos on the roads in and around Chesterfield... I looked outside and saw that i'd have to DIG my car out to get off the drive - and even if I did dig it out, I don't know whether I would have gotten anywhere because its a BMW (which is rear wheel drive) and it DOES NOT like the snow or ice (which I have always found rather strange considering the climate it was built in???).

I phoned work to tell them I might be in later than usual (they knew about the foot thing and obviously the snow) - to be told not to bother as everyone else was going home!!! I could work from home. Great - except I didn't have any work with me or have access to my folders. I did manage to sort a few e-mails out but then I started blog hopping again (its getting to be an addiction)...

While I was blog hopping (I managed to visit several hundred websites again), I downloaded some free stuff from Crafters Kitchen by Jak Heath. I've cut some of the build a blossom stuff out, will assemble and make a couple of samples - just to get me started so i've something to put on the site. I also cut several sheets of scalloped ovals and circles out in black and white using my Quickutz Silhouette machine ready for matting sentiments etc - then wondered if I should buy some nestablilities???? As I don't know much about them, I began bloghopping to see what info I could find. I soon realised I needed a tan mat too - oh and a magnetic mat??? - If my husband asks - i'll tell him to consider it a late Christmas gift from him (being as I had to buy my own cuttlebug)!

Its not that I'm without photos of stuff I've already done OR without samples I've but i'm without proper camera to get good images of new stuff - (who knows where it went and there was loads of stuff on - holiday snaps and who knows what else), it's just that I want to take pictures of things I've made that have been inspired by my new found crafting bloggers and show off what i've done with my cuttlebug...

I'm keen to complete a couple of challenges too, when I get my head round how to submit them - I think a bit more research is in order - and maybe if I can't get into work again tomorrow, I'll make this one of my missions...

If you visit here and enjoy my random ramblings (sorry I can't keep anything short), please let your 'buddies & friends' know about me and link me back (If that's the right terminology (again, more research required). I promise to find a photo of me somewhere (i'll use one of my 'thinner' images until i've shed a few pounds).

Best go, it's well turned midnight again and need to be ready to dig myself to work - if I have to go in!

Bye for now, hope to 'see' you again soon.

Paula xx

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