Wednesday, 9 July 2014

WOYWW - 266

Hi folks

I was determined to join in this week.  For the last 3 weeks - and definitely since I last blogged - I've been suffering with an infection under my very back molar (bottom left).  This initially wasn't apparent - so the dentist had diagnosed me with Trigeminal Neuralgia - indeed I had all the symptoms initially.  Then swelling appeared and so on and so forth.  I only work on Wednesday and Thursday each week - but things were so bad, that I had 2 weeks off since I last blogged - I went back last week even though still in pain - eventually I was given oramorph...

Anyway, I hadn't felt well enough to blog - even though I had taken pictures just in case.  After the issues I had with my dentist, and chasing down the referral to the hospital, I eventually got an appointment with a clinic that actually is a PCT pathway for referrals - and it was a very nice private clinic.  That was yesterday (Monday) and 2 hours later, I'd had the offending molar out.  Today, while I'm still recovering from the extraction and waiting for all the swelling to go down - it is honestly the FIRST pain free day I've had since 29th May when it very first started (I thought I'd got a migraine and then the electrical nerve and stabbing pains started)...

So, it gives me great pleasure to be here - because it means I'm feeling a whole lot better than I was.  Now, I would like to wish Julia, our head woman, a very happy birthday as she celebrates a half century milestone.  Julia - you mean such a lot to a lot of people.  Thank you for WOYWW and thank you for you!

If you want to join in and show off your desk - CLICK HERE and pop over to Julia's blog, where she has a page explaining all about the concept of WOYWW - it's like a blog hop where you find friends along the way!

So, here is what you came for - a nosey at my desk:

Above is a shot of my desk where my Tonic A3+ glass mat is - a couple of weeks ago, I cut lots of flowers out for a project I'm in the middle of - and am now a little behind with - but no one died, so that doesn't matter too much in the scheme of things!!  First I printed the papers, then cut them out on my Cameo - a variety of shapes, inked the edges, then snipped into them, sprayed them with water, then pinched them and dried with the heat tool.  They feel like some of the mulberry style ones after (a little bit!).  It's amazing to think they started out as a sheet of A4 120gsm white paper isn't it?!  I'm thinking about making some plain ones with actual coloured cardstock to see what they turn out like.  There was also a delay in me finishing this job off because my heat tool died a couple of weeks ago - so that pink one is my new Papermania one which has 2 heat settings, and is really quiet too - I'm well impressed and it was on offer at the Range.

Hmm this bit leaves a lot to be desired.  It's just a bit of push back to make room for me to work with the heat tool.  In the box is my SKY remote, hot glue fun and circle tool - because the project involved me cutting a circle out of cardboard.  However, that part of the project needs re-doing!  Needless to say its not coming along very quickly!  I'll have to put it off for a couple of days while I'm at work.  I really want to start my Christmas crafting after that.

If you enjoyed your visit and would like to see more desks - go HERE to see the list of others that have linked their desks up to the party that is WOYWW... If you are a visitor and not a fellow WOYWWer, why don't you consider showing yours and joining in!

Please say hi if you've been - then I can return the favour and come and say 'hi' back... 

have a lovely day, what ever you are doing today and whatever the weather... 

Paula x x x 

Edited on 9th July approx 10am to say that I got to work this morning, and have been laid off for economic reasons!!  I started in February after around 4 years recovering from ill health.  I'd been feeling better so decided to seek work.  I had phoned the company up to see if they had any room for someone with my experience, knowledge and skills... we met up and an offer of a job was made - I could only manager 2 days though... I was working on business improvements and improving the literature and following would have been the website - but in doing the literature, I'd addressed a lot of the things the company said they did - to find that they really weren't doing any of it - so had put all of those improvements in place... BUT I just was told that a couple of major contracts had gone backwards, so the necessary admin needed to be the focus - and that was already taken care of, so I was the casualty.  Funnily enough - I'm relieved.  I had started to really not like going.  I'd worked in Local Government and consider myself to be a professional - and the people at this company were anything but and that didn't sit comfortably with me, but I wanted to be 'normal' and have a job.  I came off ESA benefit in order to earn the money - I know I'm not 100% better - but accepted that 75-80% had to be better than where I was, and 75% was good enough for me to hold my head high again and earn the money myself.  Of course, this made us worse off slightly - but I could deal with that because the gain was for me to be back in the workplace again - whether I moved employment (I was looking actually), or stayed there a bit longer.  Well, my only concern is the financial side.  I am so happy not to have to go there again - genuinely.  My family are aware how I felt about it.... I was a bit shocked - but not surprised at being met at the top of the stairs by the owner - I accepted his news, collected my things and have come home to be able to sort some cards out, be with my dogs and be able to blog and do visits to other WOYWWer's - actually on a Wednesday!!!  Now to see what I need to do next - I can take a couple of weeks to consider my future - maybe training to do something completely different.  I believe the world is my oyster and I'm looking for the right pearl for me!!!!

Sorry the edit was so long - but just needed to add it for my own good!!!

Paula x x x 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

WOYWW # 263

Hello there

I'm going to make this post short and sweet as I'm back at work today after my horrendous infection in my jaw area which turned out not to be dental nor trigeminal neuralgia as I'd been originally diagnosed (phew - I'm so thankful it wasn't that)!

Anyway, the pics I took last night were terrible as they were in the dark and my camera phone doesn't take the best pics in the dark. I'd have taken them on my tablet, but it had run out of juice, so had to charge it overnight.  I'm laid in bed writing this with one finger on my tablet right now (not the most efficient or comfortable way to get a post written, I can tell you!!

So, here are fresh pics this morning taken with my tablet. Nothing has changed on the desk, so it doesn't matter.

Oops, they're not in order but never mind.

In one pic you will see that I've all but finished a canvas with a matching tag, this is going to be a gift for someone special.   I've been stamping and heat embossing the hand cutting flowers like a crazy person over the last few days.. I find the cutting very therapeutic.

I did a fair bit of die cutting yesterday too, using my ebosser, which I moved to the top shelf of my trolley.  The birdhouses are to be decorated,  but are just there because I had to move them to get to a cpl of dies i'd got hooked up.  You can also see my cameo with my handmade cover... I didn't have a sewing machine at the time so this has been done by hand sewing. It does need finishing off by machine though.  Anything else you see and want to know more about - just drop me a comment.

To those who are expecting an ATC from me, I apologise profusely,  but I was just too unwell to do them so they are coming, I won't let you down.

If you want to know why I am showing my desk, or would like to show yours , pls pop over to Julia's blog HERE and read all about it. Full instructions will be there.

To link up or see more desks, go HERE.

Please leave me a comment to let me know you've been visiting, and I'll pop right back over when I finish work later.

Happy WOYWW,

Paula xxx

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

WOYWW - #261

Hi there - happy Wednesday to you all, 

For those that stopped by my blog to say 'Hi' last week - thank you so much..

It was so great stopping by a cpl of blogs and being able to see all those wonderful pics from the crop, plus hearing all about it from a few of you.  It was also such a bonus to see some of the ATC's made especially for the event/anniversary - what I saw were pretty awesome - you ladies are super-talented.

I only managed a couple or so desks I'm afraid.  I was working on Wednesday and Thursday - and so I'm fit for nothing on Wednesday and Thursday follows Wednesday making it double as bad.  Need I say more.

Anyway, when I got home on Thursday I could swear I was getting a migraine - I even mentioned it to my husband.  I just sat quietly and waited for it to pass - but unfortunately it didn't seem to go.  Following what felt like a mild migraine, I started to get a feeling of pain in my back molars - as if they were being drilled into, and then cold water being poured on them; then it would move to my front teeth which felt like they were being filed with sandpaper. It would then be my top molars, then my gland, then under my tongue - never on my right side though, always on my left.  By Sunday/Monday, I was in excrutiating pain - never had pain like it before - and that's going some for me... I was experiencing level 9 & 10 pain and then it would go - just like that, but with a dull ache and a niggling shooting pain up my temple... just too awful for words.  Anyway, the dentist has ruled out dental problems, has done xrays and found nothing on them - no treatment required as far as they are concerned.  He's referred me to the Maxio-facial unit at the hospital as a matter of urgency, but said it could still take up to two weeks on an urgent referral.  He couldn't give me any stronger painkillers than those I already take for my other issues.  No point in going to see my doctor about it as he would say the same - he doesn't have authority to prescribe me anything stronger than the pain consultant does. .

Anyway, that all said, I'm so sorry if you didn't get a visit from me last week - I started out with best intentions too... I didn't get that many visits myself - but to be fair, I linked up making a blunder somewhere (I was on my tablet at work when I linked up - and it didn't copy and paste the URL properly, so I tried to type in what a little message came up said I had to include in the html link... I tried, thought i'd managed it only to find I'd hardly had any visits... I then followed the link, and boom - it was there "bad link"!  I did it again when I got home on Wednesday, then forgot the asterisk, so did it again... what a nightmare - I suppose I didn't deserve any visit after all that shambles!!!  I was #72, then 150 then 151 (I think)!!!  Oh well - better luck this week hopefully!  If you're here, then I did something right!

So, onto the desk - here it is - not a lot been done at all I'm afraid (for reasons already explained):

click for a larger view
click for a larger view
Not a pretty site huh?  Plenty to look at though, so if you see something of interest - just ask, and I'll answer any questions.  You can see a project or two on there that I'm in the midst of doing.  Funnily enough, after this pic was taken - I tidied the whole desk up!  At least you got to see it in the genuine state that it was at the time I took the pic - and it wasn't staged, or tidied beforehand - which I'll admit to doing a time or two when it's been too boring for words!!!

So, lets see yours now you've seen mine!  Leave a comment for a return visit.  If you want to know all about WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday) - Julia is the host of this magnificent and ever popular link-up/blog hop and has done a special post on her blog, the Stamping Ground, explaining all about it - go HERE for further details.  Otherwise - go HERE if you just want to go over to Julia's blog and link your WOYWW post up.

Thank you for dropping by - I hope to visit as many desks as possible this week and also get my ATC's done and sent.   All depends on this hideous and painful condition. Just wish me luck in that the hospital is in touch as soon as possible.

If anyone has any spare ATC's and would like to cheer me up (hint hint), I'd love to do a swap with you - I appreciate that some of you might never have been here and won't know me from Adam (or Eve?), but we're already friends through being part of this - right? ;)

Anyway, that's me done, so big hugs - and special ones to all those who need one for what ever reason... we all have a story or a cross to bear - right?

Happy WOYWW - wherever you are and whatever you are doing!

Paula x x x 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WOYWW 260 - 5th Anniversary


It's actually been quite some time since I posted here on my blog - it's been a little (OK, a LOT), neglected.  I just got into a rut, didn't commit any time to it and just fell out of love with blogging regularly (I imagine... it's hard to put into words to be honest!).

There have been lots of times when I've thought 'right, I'll get back on my blog and write about that' or 'I'll post about this card or that project' but never really put any proper effort into it or got round to it.

In the last couple of weeks, I've taken pictures of my desk with the intention of starting to post again - mainly, my aim was to take part in this anniversary, but as far as the last 2 weeks has been concerned, I'd not gotten around to doing a post because I wanted to do a make-over on my blog header and spruce up my blog before I posted again.  I've spent a fair amount of time playing about designing my blog new header and background- the one you're seeing now is version 3 in terms of design and colour scheme - but in terms of getting it in exactly the right place has been a matter of trial and error - so it's about vesion 50 odd!!!  I'm finally reasonably happy with it now - but don't hold your breath because I'll find some way to improve it again!!  I want to learn how to do separators etc between posts and how to show links to my social networking sites in a more professional and creative way (like in a nice row or something with a fancy flourish underneath!).  So I've definitely not finished with it yet.  The flowers and the banner i've made entirely myself using the basic shapes in Serif Craft Artist.  The effects on the lettering and the bevel on the banner flags is all done at the touch of a button.  Craft Artist is magic!!!

Anyway - the reason you're here is more than likely because it's Wednesday and more importantly, it's the day of the week when we do WOYWW.  It's been a while - I last took part in week 183 (or thereabouts) and the last time I actually blogged at all was in January last year so a fair amount of time has passed!!!  I now work on Wednesday and Thursday (which is another long story)...  This leaves me exhausted and involves me normally going to bed early - when I get it at nearly 5.30pm, the first thing I do (after being attacked by the dogs and fussed like Ive been on a month long adventure), I go up to get changed - the last few weeks I've been falling to sleep for around 2-4 hours, waking up, getting a drink and then going back again.  This happens - and then I take all day Friday getting over it! 

Despite all that - I'll make my best efforts to make visits when and wherever I can.  Please bear (bare?) with me as it's something I'll have to get back into and try and manage my time...

So here is my desk.  In all it's non-glory.  

The first picture shows the whole of my desk; the second shows my drawers which I often open to use as an additional 'storage' space to put things on - usually my laptop when I need more desk space or am using my cameo, but in the picture is a box of bits and bobs of embellishments etc - most of which I made or punched shapes from scrap paper etc.  The far right picture is of my trolley.  I fetched this from IKEA for my mum a while ago, but it was too tall for what she needed so she asked me if I wanted it.  I quickly took it off her hands and now it has some of the things I use regularly - there is my e-bosser and next to it my box of embossing folders; my craft tool and stationery carousel on the top (love it), and on the lower shelves, there are folders of scraps (sorted in to colour families) and a box of die cut shapes of all kinds that I've created - there just for me to dip in a will when I need something for a card.  

Just in front of the trolley is an IKEA storage box - that has a load of my 12x12 cardstock and paper stock in, amongst other stuff.  The pink folder holds a the stencils and masks I've cut with my Silhouette Cameo - it's so satisfying using one that I've cut myself - even if I didn't create the cut files... (most of them are from the on-line store).  I'll do more about those in another post another time.

Because this week sees the 5th Anniversary of the WOYWW 'club' (more like phenomenon), there are to be some celebrations - if you want to join in, just follow this link to read more about it. Taking part means that you have agreed to make an ATC to celebrate.  When you link up to the linky thing on Julia's blog... you will need to put an asterisk (*) after your name - so I would put 'Paula Gale*'...  Everyone will send their ATC to the next person on the list with an asterisk after their name.  I think I've explained it right anyway.  I know that I definitely want to take part so as I'll be at work I will attempt to link up sometime during the day, as I always take my tablet with me.  

Because there will be so many desks to get through - I think I've said enough here and will wind this post up - I'm not exactly known for keeping my blog posts short - so I'm going to be very strict and not waffle (I don't think I've been too bad - but let me know if you think otherwise!!!).

Any questions about anything on my desk - just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.  You should find that the photos can be enlarged when you click on them because i've done nothing to reduce their actual size.

So, it's nice to be back in the WOYWW 'fold' - can't wait to see who i'll be sending my ATC's to (I've not shown them here as it will be a surprise... it will be to me too as I've not made them yet lol (I promise i'll be on it and will have finished before the end of the weekend...  :)

If you want to know what WOYWW is all about - take a look HERE at Julias blog post where she explains all about it (far better than I could).

Big hugs to all

Paula x x x 

p.s. If some kind person would link this blog post up for me before I get a chance - I'd be SOOOOO grateful.  Remember to put the asterisk after my name though... 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2 more sleeps until...


I can't believe that it is 3 years since I set up my blog while kind of 'nursing' a poorly foot.  Everyone was in bed, I was downstairs with my foot up on the footstool as I'd tripped over the door theshold at my friend's house on NYE.  We were on the way to our local(s) and had to pass my friends house, so I called in to wish all the family a Happy New Year.  It was nothing to do with the fact that i'd had some home made punch prior to going out, or the fact that I was wearing some slippers while I had my high heels in a bag ready to change outside the pub...!!!

The start of my blog and my adventure into blogging didn't go well at all.  Just one week later, we'd endured all that snow that brought the country to a standstill, I came home from work (when we did finally get back) with a terrible chest infection which absolutely floored me - and had to have an x-ray on my chest.  I remember asking if everything was OK (as you do), and the radiographer nurse asking me if I'd had Swine Flu - I hadn't, so asked why she asked - she then said the usual - it has to be seen by the Radiographer...  

Approx 24 hours later (in working day terms), I'd received a call from my GP telling me that the X-ray I'd had was showed up something abnormal.  Within days, I'd had a barrage of tests scans, cameras, blood tests, lung capasity tests etc and was being treated as a lung cancer patient (because of the results plus my symptoms).  I was finally diagnosed with a tumour - which at first appeared to be on the outside of my lung.

Of course, the blogging friends i'd made in the first few days before all of this came to light, proved to be the most invaluable support system I had - and so much very more than I ever could have wished and hoped for.  You see, in 2 more sleeps - the date seems to have become a massive milestone - and always will be until I leave this mortal plane.

Because things have been a bit mixed over the holidays - a mix of stress due to the pressure I put on myself, and exhaustion, pain, tiredness etc - I only literally just realised minutes ago that the date was looming (I was putting a new blinkie in my sidebar, and saw my blogiversary gadget, realised it was in two more days - and looked on my homepage to see if it actually said '2 more days' or whatever it says... it didn't.  It was more like 189 or something.  I proverbially scratched my head - clicked on it to see why, then realised - i'd completed the info using the English date format instead of the American date format... so I set it right - and now it correctly reflects that there are TWO MORE SLEEPS.... but more importantly - it reflects that i'm not organised and didn't do anything much about my 2nd anniversary (perhaps it being literally just into the New Year doesn't help much either)!!!

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all who read my blog - whether that be ocassionally or regularly, whether you subscribe or whether I pop up (not often enough) in your google reader, blogger dashboard - or wherever... I'd like to wish you a happy and healthy, safe and successful 2013 - sent to you wrapped up in a great big hug from me.

To all my blog friends - whether I hear from you regularly or not - it doesn't matter, because I know that I've made some lifelong friends, and more importantly, know that you don't have to speak to one another 24/7 to be supportive to one another - sometimes just knowing that someone is there should you need them is comfort enough.  I've made friends like that through blogging.  We can contact each other whenever, and there will always be the underlying unwritten word that we are all here for one another - and that goes a long long way.  Further than I could ever have known when I clicked that button at the top of the page when I was on a blog, that said 'Create blog'.

So, if you haven't ventured into blogland yet by creating your own blog; not only are you creating a place where you can write about what you create, how you do it - you can write what ever you want, but if it's in relation to your crafts - you can be sure that you will enter a world of support, friendship and all round fabulous people, who also happen to do what you do - and that's craft, craft, craft!

I promise to put something together for my blogoversary - if you're interested - please leave a comment below.  I'd better leave this up for a while - so lets say a couple of weeks (unless I forget)... if I do - please give me a prod.

Oh, and I never did put those high heel shoes on - I'd left my slippers on all night - well, no one was going to know - people don't look at your feet necessarily (well, not until you get on Kar-a-oke and tell everyone and weave it into the lyrics of the song you're singing that is)!!! Those were the days... funny how life can turn itself upside down a few days later!

Happy Crafting to one and all

big hugs
Paula x x x

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Well, what can I say.  I haven’t joined in the last couple of weeks because of several factors – the major one being that I am a bad blogger and didn’t get round to leaving as many comments as I really should do – so because of the pressure I put myself under – as well as other factors, I thought it best not to join in if I can’t get round to comment on other blogs because I don’t feel that would be fair of me!  So I apologise to anyone who left a message and didn’t get a reciprocal one from me!

What else has been happening?  I’ve been sat staring at my desk for a while – and that’s as far as I got.  Because I couldn’t get myself going, I’d move the things round on the desk or sort some papers out – I think it’s called procrastinating!!!

I’ve been suffering from a distinct lack of space on the desk – a bit more than the usual lack of space – so I did take pictures with good intentions of joining in last week – but it wasn’t to be.  Here is a selection of pics of the desk over the last week.  There was such a lack of desk space that if affected my ability to use my cameo as the paper just wouldn’t have gone through the back – I found out what the problem was though: 

DO NOT DISTURB... please?
sorry for the terrible colour of this photo -
I think it was when the lamp was on

Yes – that was the problem.  She found the warm spot.  There is a radiator at the back of the desk, the shelves are fastened to the wall a couple of inches above the radiator, so the air flow comes through the bottom of the shelves and above the desk… she knows you know!  Anyway, she kind of shoved my Cameo forward in order to make herself some space.  She was there for almost a week straight run.  She’s abandoned her box which should have been sent back with the Grand Calibur in, but she’d adopted it, so I didn’t have the heart to turf her out.  However, since then, she’s been on the verge of being evicted because she’s made a bit of a mess.  That was going to be another post that I didn’t get round to writing – but here are some pics of her box – which I now have evicted her from – it’s been subject to a demolition order too!!!


She just scratched away at the sides of it and as you can see from the pictures – she’d gone right through on one corner.  

How could you ever be mad with this though:


When she finally got off – probably for food, my desk was completely covered in hairs!  Most of all it was all stuck to my ATG gun tape and also the sellotape and dispenser. Worst of all though, it was in my Cameo so I spent a large amount of time cleaning that out hoping that it’s not going to affect the workings… due to lack of cover, I thought I'd put a pillowcase over it to save it from further abuse!!!!  I also pushed it right to the back of the desk so that she had no room to go back behind it again.

How wrong was I?


She started at the front because there was no gap at the back, but the she laid on top of it until it started to slide forward just enough to make a really snug gap- she doesn’t look uncomfortable does she?

Right – on to this weeks desk.  Not much happening, most of the stuff is out because of my Christmas card making - and is a bit tidier than it was because I lost something and had a mad PANIC and went through 5 boxes of stuff to not find was I was looking for.  I finally found what I wanted between a couple of magazines in my lovely Anna Griffin tote bag! PHEW!!! 

Anyway – moving on, here is my desk, which I believe most people will have come to see (I hear you shouting “Finally”)!!!

DSCN1795DSCN1796DSCN1797DSCN1798 DSCN1800

So there you have it – nothing special, just very very messy and busy looking. If you want a closer look at any of the pictures - just click on them because I've left them at full size - just right click on pic, select 'view image' - when you are in view mode, if you see a magnifying glass at your cursor, click it and the image will (or should) fill the page for you!

If you want to know what this desk parading is all about… visit Julia at the Stamping Ground HERE and she’ll tell you all about it.  However, in brief, basically you take a pic of what you are doing – where ever you work, write a blog post telling us all about it – it DOES NOT need to be as long as mine (I'll get my legs slapped for writing War and Peace), then visit Julia and link it up to what is usually rather a long list of lovely bloggers wanting to show you what they've got - some even show you their drawers!!!.  Leave a message – then go and visit desks of like minded people… like minded because they are creative in whatever way the see fit!!! (unlike me – at the moment I’m a wannabe)!!!

Don't forget to leave a comment - those visitors that subscribe - you can leave a message too, even if you don't have a blogger or google account.  Just select 'anonymous' then leave a message and tell me who you are.  That's all you have to do.  It would be good to hear what you have to say or get your feedback :O)

Happy Crafting with hugs,
Paula x x x

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hello bloggy friends and followers and WOYWWers…

I have several pics for you this week which were taken in the dark on Tuesday night, so apologise if this compromises the quality of them…

I didn’t join in last week because I so messed up the week before – half asleep (see what time I posted?), I linked the wrong URL to Julia’s Mr Linky thing – so everyone who doesn’t already have me in their reader (because they visited the right post), were going and commenting on the week before.  I was a pretty satisfactory mid table at that point… it was SATURDAY when I realised what I’d done – yes – Saturday!!! Well, I just felt so deflated, and last Wednesday I had to take mum to the doctors – until her appointment came and went – because I’d forgotten… that was following the forgotten hair appointment on the Saturday – the same one I realised I’d linked the wrong week… are  you getting the picture?  So, I think I just lost the plot last week…

This week, I’m going through that sleep phase again – my DH will be talking to me, then he’ll turn around and I’ve fallen to sleep.  The boys and he usually keep a special eye on me to make sure I don’t sit too long with a hot coffee in my hands again – I’ve scolded myself twice now.

Was going to see a friend in hospital yesterday, but had a grumbling tum and a couple of runs to the loo – and thought it best to stay away just in case it was developing into something else… It’s the first time I can even remember going to the loo like that.  With the tablets I’m on, visits are few and far between – if you get what I mean (sorry to those with a sensitive disposition – is that the right term?)!!!

Today, as I’m feeling better, I will be going to the hospital to see my friend, but also need to take Buddy – the naughty Shih Tzu to the vets to see the nurse.  On our dog groomers recommendation, I put some drops in his ears to clean them out – however, something isn’t quite right as they sound, when rubbed, like they have too much fluid in now – and he won’t let me touch his ears – so before any infections take hold – I’ll get it sorted for him… He can still hear me take the lid off the jar of treats though, even if he’s not looking and I try and sneak Dylan a crafty snack!!!

Without further ado – here are the pics.  Feel free to ask any questions and they shall be explained – usually in a reply email, so make sure your blogger comments can be returned to your email address (you set this up in blogger somewhere)…  Mine is set up so that if I leave a comment on a blog and that comment goes into the blog owners email in box – if they click return on the email – it will say it’s from  something something blogger.bounces – then when you click on ‘return’, my own email address appears in the ‘to’ box and it comes directly back to my email in box… it’s not as complicated as I’ve just made that sound lol…


Almost 360 degrees of the room – which is getting rather full again – best get some stuff decanted back to the garage… I have an area for all my craft stuff in the garage (just as well really).  I keep all my empty paper storage A4 and A5 boxes, lever arch files and ring binders, concertina folders, project blanks (sets of drawers, boxes, lots of photo frames,  more card blanks and usually the Christmas crafting box in there - some of it in a half wardrobe, some in metal filing cabinet, some on a tall pine shelf unit (IKEA), plus two more drawer unit - one plastic, one taller one from IKEA (Good old IKEA) - oh, and a couple of wall units from our older kitchen. So about as much out there as I have in here really! I need to take some stuff back out that I'm not using. Hmmm…

If you want anything in the pics explaining – ask away, otherwise – click on each and they will become massive because I haven’t reduced them, cropped them or done anything to them… they are what they are!

If you would like to join in and show us what’s on your desk – feel free to – but leave a comment on each blog before you pass on to the next.  Before you do this, you need to visit Julia at the Stamping Ground to link your blog post up to Mr Linky.  He’ll give you a number.  If you quote this number in your comment – people will return the favour and visit you too.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment – happy crafting!
Paula x x x


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